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Welcome to the Kansas Accessibility Resources Network (KSARN), an accessibility initiative of Wichita State University in partnership with Kansas State University, Johnson County Community College, Butler Community College, and Cowley County Community College. Our intention is to make this the destination for all things accessibility in the Midwest and beyond. Take a moment to look around and make yourself comfortable.  All blog content on this site is open to everyone, and KSARN resources are free, and all we ask is that you sign up for a partnership account. Paid partnerships are also available to corporate partners who would like to join.

AHEAD 2019 Equity and Excellence Conference

Conference Presentation: “Comprehensive Accessibility Training Means Training Everyone, Including Students” Updated slides The slides used in the July 12, 2019 in-person conference session were updated versions: The updated slides are available for download here. Your presenter Carolyn Speer Ph.d., CPACC is the Manager of Instructional Design and Access (IDA) at Wichita State University.  Her office … Read more


How do I Determine if a Resource is Accessible?

As instructional staff, when we choose resources for our classes, we need to be able to make a judgement about the relative accessibility of a resource. This guide is intended to provide a place to start thinking about these issues — if you have questions, please contact the Instructional Design and Access team at ida@wichita.edu. … Read more


Harvard has a new Web Accessibility Policy

A recent article in the Crimson (Harvard’s student newspaper) reports that the university has introduced a new Digital Accessibility Policy that will go into effect as of December 1, 2019. The policy requires that all web pages that are created or updated substantially after Dec 1, 2019 be compliant with the WCAG 2.1 AA standards … Read more

A collection of apple products, including a macbook pro, ipad, keyboard, headphones.

When is it best to leave your toys at home?

It will surprise no one that I’m a massive gadget nerd. It’s a rare occasion when I can resist the desire to get my hands on a new tool and need to be able to play with it. It’s a need. An itch. Craving. And I’m sure that in a field full of people who … Read more

Giant sculptured hands feeling the side of a building

Embossers Aren’t Enough: Picture in a Flash

At Wichita State University, we have been struggling to provide effective tactile graphics for students with visual disabilities for some time now. For years, we have been making do with what we could produce using a braille embosser — most of the embossers on the market have the ability to create simple diagrams that are … Read more

Red door and yellow door

Is this “Accessibility” or “Accommodation”?

Accessibility is THE hot topic in higher education. And what is the one question all accessibility trainers must be prepared to answer? “Why do I have to do this if I don’t have a disabled person in my classroom?”


Do Students Need Accessibility Training?

Recent university agreements and Office for Civil Rights consent decrees dealing with accessibility have defined instructors as “all individuals who provide course-related instruction to … students….” This means students in many classes may need to be creating certain assignments in accessible ways.  For example student speeches and presentations given to the class, online videos, and … Read more


Fee-Based Accessibility Training Available

A number of institutions in the State of Kansas now offer free or low-cost accessibility training for staff and faculty.  Check out the following opportunities: Introduction, Intermediate, and Advanced Accessibility courses offered fully online from Butler Community College.  Courses are $50 each or $135 for all three.  Send questions to Dr. Haylee Dass at hdass@butlercc.edu … Read more

Wichita State Text Size Indicator

Text Size Indicators

Accessibility in the face-to-face (f2f) classroom is an increased concern since in light of several recent OCR decisions and other binding agreements such as Wichita State University’s 2016 agreement with the National Federation of the Blind. One challenge with f2f accessibility is the lack of vetted standards and regulations.  In an effort to improve f2f … Read more


What is KSARN?

The Kansas Accessibility Resources Network (KSARN) is a destination for training, discussion, and free resources for anyone interested in accessibility in higher education. KSARN began out of a desire to ensure public resources stretch as far as they can and no Kansas institution has to go without accessibility training, and today it offers all resources without charge to anyone interested in accessibility anywhere in the world. KSARN is sponsored by Wichita State University. Please send any questions to us at KSARN@wichita.edu.

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