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The Consortium of Title IX and Equity Officers in Higher Ed Conference, 2019 Presentation: “But I Don’t Have One In My Class: Accessibility On Your Campus”

This website provides accessible digital versions of all materials handed out or discussed in the October 13, 2019 conference presentation, “But I don’t have One In My Class: Accessibility on Your Campus.” For more information, or to request further information, please contact the presenters.

Accessibility is rapidly maturing as a major issue on most college campuses in the United States. Whether your campus is dealing with it directly or not, it is critical for equity officers to understand accessibility and how the unique character of the higher education landscape impacts institutions’ ability to quickly react to the evolving legal and social issues surrounding it.

This presentation reviews the terms and legal underpinnings of accessibility before moving on to a discussion of the unique culture in higher ed.  We finish with a brief case study that illustrates how legal, social, and cultural issues can combine to create challenges around accessibility and accommodations. Finally, we offer some advice and access to free accessibility training for your campus.

Your Presenters

  • Christine Taylor, J.D., LL.M.: Christine is an attorney licensed in Wisconsin since 1989. With over 15 years in higher education and four years in higher ed specific compliance, Christine has a wealth of information to share to other higher ed professionals. She is a nationally recognized consultant and speaker on conflict resolution processes and co-created and trained State of Wisconsin System and WAICU Universities Title IX coordinators and investigators on process and compliance. Christine served as the Director of Institutional Equity and Compliance for Wichita State University from 2018 to 2021. 
  • Carolyn Speer, Ph.D., CPACC: Carolyn has worked in higher ed her entire career, serving in a variety of positions in faculty, staff, and administration.  She consults on issues surrounding accessibility and speaks nationally on accessibility, training, and change management. Carolyn is the co-founder of the Kansas Accessibility Resources Network and is the Director of the Office of Instructional Resources for Wichita State University.

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Suggested Curriculum to Catch Up on Accessibility

This is a short “catch up” accessibility curriculum designed to get you “accessibility literate” as quickly as possible. Each of these online courses is free, self-paced, and designed to take around half an hour.  You will need to make an account to access the material, but accounts are also free.  If you pass the comprehensive assessment at the end of each course, you will be offered a certificate of completion, which you may download or print. All this costs is time!

Other Presentations

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