At Wichita State University, our normal efforts to improve the accessibility of our offerings has been invigorated by an agreement we signed with the National Federation of the Blind in 2016.  Since then, we have been focusing a lot of effort on improving systems, gathering resources, learning and developing new methods for dealing with a host of accessibility problems.
We’re doing a lot of work, but we also believe this is an area where an open source attitude makes the most sense. The problems we are discovering and solving are problems that others may need solutions for as well, and it we share those solutions and ideas in an environment that invites others to share their own ideas, we have a much better chance of success.
So, KSARN is our effort to share and share alike with the rest of you. As employees of the state of Kansas, we want to make sure that we are targeting other Kansas Board of Regents institutions as we share our resources and try to build community. But we hope to have members and support from a community that draws from a much bigger audience than just Kansas schools.
The site will have expenses, so we are hoping to recruit institutional partners willing to pay nominal membership fees, but there will always be a lot of information and support available here for non-members.
Here’s the KSARN team:
Lead Designer
Carolyn Speer, PhD, | carolyn.speer@wichita.edu
Lead Developer
Lead Programmer