Kansas Accessibility Resources Network (KSARN) is a site for the entire community, whether you are in Kansas or not.  We offer three levels of content:

  • Blog content (free to guests): KSARN partners provide guidance, pose questions to the community, promote paid content provided by our partners, and generally discuss accessibility at their institution or in their experience.  All blog content is free to everyone.
    • Blog articles written by KSARN partners
    • Curated news postings
  • Resources (free to registered users): KSARN also offers a variety of resources produced by our paid partners.  Most resources are provided free to all KSARN partner levels, including those with free access. KSARN resources are provided under attribution, noncommercial, (BY, NC) licensing. Attribution, Noncommercial CC license
    • Sample policies, positions, and position descriptions
    • Accessibility training documents
    • Discussion forums with email digests available
  • Tools (partner/member benefits):  KSARN is poised to offer tools as we build out our site. Tools we hope to include are a VPAT search area and EIT auditing tools with some associated training.
    • EIT Audit rubrics
    • EIT Audit tools (coming soon)
    • VPAT guide/contact links
    • Partner rates on KSARN consulting

KSARN’s partnerships levels are:

  • Individual, free: Want access to KSARN resources beyond our blog? Create a free account!
  • Individual, paid: For individuals who want to be able to contribute and/or want access to KSARN tools but who are not associated with an institution with a paid membership.
    • Students enrolled full-time in a relevant program: $10 annually
    • Independent scholars: $50 annually
  • Institutional paid memberships: Provides KSARN contributor privileges to up to five team members identified by you and access to KSARN tools as they become available. Recognition on the site as a contributing member of the KSARN consortium.
    • KBOR institutions and Kansas K-12 public schools: $100 annual fee
    • All other non-profit educational institutions in Kansas and across the country: $250 annual fee
    • All for-profit educational institutions: $500 annual fee
  • Commercial paid memberships:  Provides KSARN contributor privileges to up to two team members identified by you and access to KSARN tools as they become available. Recognition on the site as a site sponsor. $500 annual fee

To get started:

  • Create your user account
  • If you would like to purchase paid membership at the individual, institution, or commercial level, please complete the membership request form