Free Training

It is KSARN’s mission to provide accessibility training to anyone who needs it.  If you are not already a KSARN member, you will need to create a free KSARN account to access these trainings.  You do NOT have to be a resident of the state of Kansas to take advantage of these free courses. These courses are designed for anyone to take, including students from high school through graduate school, K-12 teachers, college/university faculty and staff, private and public sector employees.

Each of the following courses is associated with a non-credit badge issued by Credly. Anyone who completes a course and passes the associated assessment with a score of 85% or higher will earn a non-credit badge. If you earn a non-credit badge, please open the email you receive from Credly and follow the link the email contains. If you do not have a Credly account, the system will guide you through creating one. Once you have accepted the non-credit badge, you can share it digitally on social media or in a digital resume. You will also have the opportunity to print a Credly certificate to show you successfully completed the non-credit badge.  Please note that some of the courses listed below have prerequisites, and those are listed in the course description.

Anyone is free to take any of these non-credit badge courses. We have organized them into categories for your convenience, but you are not bound by these categories.

Accessibility Courses Well-Suited to Students:

Accessibility Courses Well-Suited to Educators, Educational Staff, Public and Private Sector Employees:

Successful completion of any KSARN course results in a printable certificate and a digital credential issued through The digital credential will arrive to the email address associated with the account you use to access the course.

State of Kansas Computer Training

The State of Kansas makes high-quality computer applications training available free.  As you work through our accessibility trainings, you may find that you need a little more information about how to use your word processing program and other resources. If so, check out their free trainings!