Accessibility and the Media Center

Notes and resources from my presentation at the Consortium of College and University Media Centers (CCUMC) on October 3, 2019.

Slides – Accessibility and the Media Center

The Media Resources Center at Wichita State University has been providing leadership on campus and around the state in the creation of Accessible learning environments, both online and face to face. This presentation will provide key concepts and resources for making sure your media center is an active, effective member of your institution’s accessibility team.

Since WSU entered into an agreement with the NFB in 2016, we have been making great strides in our efforts to meet federal accessibility standards. The Media Resources Center has been leading those efforts, with all teams making important contributions. This presentation will discuss what accessibility means in the face to face classroom, online classes, lecture and event spaces, online video, and more.

Accessibility is a growing challenge for all institutions – legal standards that have not been enforced in the past are being tested in the courts. The question is not if your institution will be faced with a legal complaint about accessibility, but when.  Knowing the lay of the land and making good faith efforts to provide accessible experiences for students, staff, and the community will be critical in the years to come.


WSU Accessibility Site

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