AHEAD 2019 Equity and Excellence Conference

Conference Presentation: “Comprehensive Accessibility Training Means Training Everyone, Including Students”

Updated slides

The slides used in the July 12, 2019 in-person conference session were updated versions: The updated slides are available for download here.

Your presenter

Carolyn Speer Ph.d., CPACC is the Manager of Instructional Design and Access (IDA) at Wichita State University.  Her office is one of three university offices that works with some aspect of accessibility or accommodation.  As the “access” office, IDA takes on the issue of accessibility as part of an overall plan for improving access to university information for all students regardless of income, impairment, or historical privilege. In part due to an agreement that Wichita State has with the National Federation of the Blind, IDA currently focuses on accessibility as the “first among equal” access considerations. The office works to improve accessibility through in-person and online training, as-needed troubleshooting, some remediation of documents, and thought leadership on the regional and national level. Connect with Carolyn through LinkedIn.

The presentation

This presentation makes the case that all “instructors” must be trained in accessibility. But what does it mean to be an instructor in a higher education context? Carolyn argues, based in part on the definition of the term “instructor” in the agreement Wichita State University has with the National Federation of the Blind, that anyone who presents content to a student in a course context is functioning as an instructor.  For many college and university courses, this means students sometimes function as instructors and must receive proper accessibility training to ensure they are presenting information in an accessible way.

If you prefer a voiced version of the original (not updated) presentation, you can go to a non-Flash version from this link, listen to the podcast version, or watch a Flash version by clicking the “play arrow” on the player below:

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